PEP11 Whale Disruption

PEP11 Whale Disruption


Queensland’s spectacular annual whale migration will be disrupted if the Federal Government allows fossil gas exploration off the NSW coast.

Friends of the Earth Australia is imploring the government not to let it go ahead, as the seismic blasting used in the exploration process will disrupt the beloved east coast whale migration route and could render the aquatic mammals deaf, resulting in their deaths.


The statement comes after reports that the government has moved to overturn Scott Morrison’s ban on fossil methane gas development in the PEP11 exploration lease area.

“Allowing fossil methane gas exploration or extraction in the busy east coast whale migration route is absolute madness,” Friends of the Earth Australia’s Offshore Fossil Gas Campaigner, Jeff Waters, said.

“How can the government even be considering disrupting such an important area?” he asked.

“Queensland’s spectacular annual whale migration will be drastically disrupted.”

“The constant, massive explosions in the sea that will be needed to survey the site will not only scare whales away from this important corridor, but it has also been shown to send aquatic mammals deaf, guaranteeing their deaths.”

“Seismic blasting is also known to kill other sea life, including krill, which is an important food source for fish and other wildlife,” he said.

“What would Migaloo say about this?”

“And it’s a complete waste because by the time the exploration takes place, the permits are issued, and the fossil fuel companies establish offshore platforms, renewable energy would have made methane gas quite redundant.”

“They call methane ‘natural gas,’ and this will naturally harm whales, it will naturally kill wildlife, and it will naturally worsen global warming,” he said.



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