NOPSEMA - The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority - is Australia's regulator for health and safety, structural (well) integrity and environmental management for all offshore energy operations and greenhouse gas storage activities in Commonwealth waters, and in coastal waters where regulatory powers and functions have been conferred. NOPSEMA publishes directions and environmental plans for comment.

NOPTA - The National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator - administers titles and data management for petroleum and greenhouse gas (GHG) titles in Australian Commonwealth waters.


CODA - The Centre of Decommissioning Australia - is an industry-sponsored body created to "create a collaborative and sustainable approach to decommissioning Australia’s aging oil and gas infrastructure." CODA is employing a consultant to scope work for a possible rig recycling centre in the Pilbara, after $5m funding injection from the WA government.


ExxonMobil (Esso)

Esso has the largest immediate decommissioning issues due to the necessary retirement of many assets in Bass Strait. It publishes a summary of its plans (with sea dumping the preferred option), including more detailed downloads, that can be read HERE



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